Hospital Solutions

Peer Review & Quality Assurance

The Optimal team is dedicated to ongoing quality assessment and improvement (QAI) to provide high quality, cost effective healthcare that meets the needs of our clients, enhances clinical effectiveness and healthcare outcomes, optimizes resource utilization, and creates a learning environment for department employees.

Optimal Quality Assurance specialists develop QAI programs to improve processes that affect patient care outcomes and the key governance, managerial support, and clinical activities that affect patient care.

Optimal QAI programs include:

  • organizing QAI activity around the flow of patient care and outcomes
  • evaluating individual performance while participating in processes and how the performance can be improved
  • coordinating and integrating efforts to improve patient outcomes with those involved in the process

Our Peer Review specialists pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the performance of staff radiologists, with a goal to develop training and peer supervision to achieve optimal performance.


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