Practice Management

Accreditation & Credentialing Compliance

Managing accreditation & credentialing requirements can be a complex and overwhelming task for management without the necessary resources and tools. Optimal’s extensive experience in both ACR accreditation procedures and insurance credentialing compliance led to the development of valuable tools and procedures to help each facility with their needs.

Optimal Insurance Credentialing services offer health care practitioners the opportunity to focus on patient care and customer service, without all the paperwork hassles of enrolling with Medicare and Medicaid and other insurance plans.

The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) requires all providers of CT, MRI, Breast MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and PET exams billing under Part B of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule to have accreditation in order to receive payment for services. We offer assistance with most modalities covered under the ACR accreditation program.

Optimal Accreditation Compliance services cover:

  • personnel qualifications for non-physician medical staff, medical directors, and supervising physicians
  • image quality
  • equipment performance
  • safety standards for staff and patients
  • quality assurance


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